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Bobby Exodus- Forever Kitty

Writer, artist and forever kitty Bobby Exodus is a wordsmith and priest in the figurative Temple of Zero. In this episode we pontificate upon the divine and etherial in order to confuse ourselves and laugh a bit. 

Bobby touches on the danger of over extending yourself in practices and getting lost in meditation. The use of psychedelics in finding emotional release, flushing energy, finding stuck trauma and accessing emotion. 

To find research on the use of psychedelic compounds for depression, anxiety, mood disorders and addiction see Johns Hopkins research partly funded by fellow podcaster @timferriss find the research page here.

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I feel that that our ultimate goal in life should be to reduce suffering on the individual and universal level. If we are not trying to reduce suffering for ourselves we should at least try to reduce the suffering of human kind. 

Bobby and I touch on the archetype of Christ and consciousness as the One. “Consciousness is what is” Bobby says. Christ consciousness can be explored through Richard Rohr’s Universal Christ. Rohr says “Christ is more than Jesus’ last name” see article here:

Bobby says he is nibbling his cosmic fruit and is waiting till death (most likely) to have a full mystical experience. This is good because I believe once we are absorbed back into the Pleroma, there is no coming back. We converse on the concept of Zero. (I talk a little crazy divine number theory.) The concept of Zero was a popular theme among native philosophers in the early 21’st century. The exploration of which would take more than this article. 

We talk about the Ouroboros. What happens when the snake finishes its self?

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What comes first the chicken or the egg? The snake. The snake eats its body until it becomes an egg again and reincarnates. 

Be open to what people are saying and give them the respect of exploring their ideas through active listening. 

Learn to be fluid like water.  This is an old Taoist philosophy I try to embody as much as possible. Water can be fluid and easy but erode the rocks away just the same. 

Bobby reminds us to Not give negativity any energy and to let it bounce off your “plasma shield”. 

Overusing logic- sounds like thinking your feelings

Having health problems lead to an inward journey of healing and learning for Bobby. It made him come to terms with death. Developing a tumor in the stomach, losing most of his blood, getting a transfusion, all of that never got him down. With a positive attitude, practice and dedication, he is as healthy as a redhead horse. 

Bobby is living happy and having a baby soon. #babyexodus 


Randall Thomas