How I became A Vocalist by Randall Thomas

I am Randall Thomas- 

I started dabbling with music when I was about 8 years old.

In high school I ended up meeting Josh and Zac Farro. Josh played guitar, Zac played drums and I switched over to mainly singing. We all started playing music together and learning how to write and perform. We experienced a few lineup changes throughout a couple of years including people like producer Zach Hall and musician Taylor York.

We all met Hayley Williams when she moved into our town from her home state. She immediately clicked with my friend group including the guys in the band. Hayley is one of my favorite people in the industry and will always be a good friend. Her background in singing was gospel and hearing her belt some real gospel songs is something the world needs. I’m serious, it used to make me cry.

The band eventually broke up and Josh and Zac Farro went on to make a band named Paramore with Hayley as the singer. Paramore went on to be a behemoth of a band because of Hayley’s talent, development and management team. It takes a village to make it in this industry!

(She has now started her own hair product line called Good Dye Young which I have personally witnessed her AND HER GRANDMOTHER wearing in public. If I colored my hair - I would be all over it too.)

I went on to college and played in a couple of local bands in Nashville and Murfreesboro developing and honing my singing and writing skills.

(I should mention here that I had already been singing in studios since age 15. While growing up my father Randy Thomas co-wrote Butterfly Kisses and was a writer and producer who renovated our barn into a pro studio.)

By 20 years old I had started to sing session vocals in studios all around Tennessee including some of the most sought after rooms. I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of producers and engineers. With these visionaries we helped realize projects for clients across the world.

I learned how to sing lead vocals, background vocals and writing on the spot in some cases. I became good at blending my voice, stacking vocals and working efficiently (because time is money). I have developed a vocal range that covers 3 octaves and I can sing in most styles. (operatic, choir, ensemble, rock, pop, blues, r&b and even metal screaming and “mask singing” like Axl Rose)

I will forever be grateful to a select few including:

Blackbird Studio- Scott Phillips and David Hall.

Ragtop Recordings- Kim Copeland and Kelly Schoenfeld.

Lattitude Studio South- Michael Lattanzi

And a special thanks to Grady Walker, Kathy Walker, Michael McDonald and Kiel Tyler.

I am now in Los Angeles rebuilding my musical family out here. Please feel free to reach out to me and lets make some music!

Randall Thomas

Behind the scenes photo from Paramore’s first video shoot “Pressure”


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