Life Training

You have been in training your whole life.

All the training you have received throughout your life has been in preparation for this moment. 

Every moment has been built upon another to bring you to this present moment. The eternal now.

Anything you are experiencing is training for the next step in life. Every moment is preparation for the next moment. Every paradigm shift is training for your next change.

Big changes don’t have to be scary - they serve as a catalyst for true transformation. These moments of change can be utilized for positive transformation.

When one takes control of their own transformations, the chaos of change loses all of its mysterious power.

You are in control of your life. Don’t let circumstances or your own thoughts inhibit your potential to be every bit of what you want to be.

Take advantage of your training.

Your training has prepared you for the next change. Your foundation has been built to accommodate change. Even if you do not like it.

Change requires energy. Energy is used for transformation. This is what you train for. If your energy is tied up in negative thought patterns and stories, that is power you are not using for affecting change. Your training is not being used.

To reclaim power, one simply has to let go of the fear and anger that arises from change- this takes training. Change is inevitable but it is up to ourselves to guide it to become a positive turning point rather than submit ourselves to the whims of “fate”.

This is when your previous training comes in. When the paradigm shift, the big event, the huge change happens, your life training kicks in and activates latent superpowers. You have all the training that you have accumulated in your life. This means you are more capable than ever to make a real, good change for yourself.

All thanks to your life training.

Randall ThomasComment