I AM by Randall Thomas…

kid face



in a body

I AM a living speck of eternity

I AM made from this universe

I AM a mirror of the macrocosm

I AM one part of One soul

I AM breath of the One, sound of the son

I AM worthy as I AM

I AM an integral part of the whole

I AM just a moment in time

I AM grateful for this opportunity

I AM the embodiment of abundance

holding hands love


driven by love

I AM unique to this moment

I AM welcomed by the universe

I AM a custodian of the garden

I AM strength beyond measure

I AM grace without judgement

I AM truth that can not be told

I AM alive



an anomaly

I AM present in eternity

I AM a stamp on time

I AM to leave a good mark

I AM a creature with conscience 

I AM obligated to oblige

I AM here and now

I AM a string on one violin

I AM one violin in a symphony 

I AM whole as myself 

I AM a piece of the One

I AM here to make a difference

mountain river


carving out a mountain

I AM water in the river

I AM making my own path

I AM fire on the hillside

I AM part of the cycle

I AM making clear the way

I AM wind that claims the leaves

I AM seeking to plant wisdom

I AM the sower of seeds



the cause for a mission

I AM the earth which gives

I AM the ground that takes

I AM the above in the below

I AM a brother to snakes

I AM a seeker of knowledge

I AM humble in word

I AM aware I know nothing

I AM unconcerned 

I AM powerful all the same

I AM genuine in my deeds

I AM love incarnate


who I AM and I AM pleased.

This has been a What A World presentation written by Randall Thomas.

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