From the middle to the West

I am currently holed up in a motel which I can clearly see (in my mind’s eye) could be used for one of those shows where someone resets a room to deal drugs in. You’ve seen the scenes.

Today will be day 3 of traveling to California. Driving with my wife and my dog has been an absolute pleasure. My only problem is I have a torn labrum in my shoulder which means after hours of driving with my hands on the steering wheel or a night of sleeping on my side- my shoulder feels terrible. Thank God that’s my only problem. It has been smooth sailing except for the truckers on I-40 who love to buddy up side-by-side and stroll along like a giant wall with wheels so no one can pass. I see this problem as dying in the near future as these types of freights will be automated.

My dog is 25 lbs. and a Boston Terrier. He has woken us up barking the last few nights at 2am. I believe he has the Napoleon Complex. The little dude is a guard dog if I’ve ever had one. I would hate to see him actually attack something. When he hears anything at the door or a low rumble from a truck- he’s ready to fight. He kind of looks like Mickey Mouse with the ears of a bat and the body of a jelly bean. Real frightening.

I will be meeting a lot of new people out in California and working with some awesome talent.

In California I will be continuing my podcast, blog and session vocals as well as voice acting. Maybe some “extra” work, though film is not my usual medium.

I will be looking for accomplished and transformative individuals to interview for my podcast to continue the saga of What A World Podcast. I am open to suggestions for potential guests.

I hope you are well. I hope you’re standing straight, breathing deep and loving yourself. These are all things I am working on.

Much love


Randall Thomas