Talks with Bobby Exodus

Writer, artist and forever kitty Bobby Exodus is a wordsmith and priest in the figurative Temple of Zero. In this episode we pontificate upon the divine and etherial in order to confuse ourselves and laugh a bit. 

Bobby touches on the danger of over extending yourself in practices and getting lost in meditation. The use of psychedelics in finding emotional release, flushing energy, finding stuck trauma and accessing emotion. 

To find research on the use of psychedelic compounds for depression, anxiety, mood disorders and addiction see Johns Hopkins research partly funded by fellow podcaster @timferriss find the research page here.

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Toxic Clothing and Ethical Fashion

Jeff is dressed head to toe in his own handmade clothing. His style is timeless and classic. Equestrian sportsman and avid surfer, his foppish rock n’ roll victorian aesthetic is easy to pick out of a crowd full of dull (and possibly poisonous) clothing.

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Life Training

You have been in training your whole life.

All the training you have received throughout your life has been in preparation for this moment. 

Every moment has been built upon another to bring you to this present moment. The eternal now.

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Randall ThomasComment
How I became A Vocalist by Randall Thomas

In high school I ended up meeting Josh and Zac Farro. Josh played guitar, Zac played drums and I switched over to mainly singing…. We all met Hayley Williams when she moved into our town from her home state. She immediately clicked with my friend group including the guys in the band. Hayley is one of my favorite people in the industry and will always be a good friend. Her background in singing was gospel and hearing her belt some real gospel songs is something the world needs. I’m serious, it used to make me cry.

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